For Whatever Your Hostile Environment Brings

Our TrustedFit™ design fits snugly on the face – creating a seal – eliminating the three problem areas most masks have which are gaps at the nose, sides of face and under the chin.

To ensure your VersaScarf® or Bandana fits correctly and comfortably, we have developed our signature TrustedFit™ system. Featuring a two-layer, lightweight, breathable material, our products are fitted with an elastic and padded nose clip to ensure the most secure, comfortable fit possible for the wearer.

A tight seal is essential for any mask filter to perform optimally. It’s crucial that you create a tight seal around your nose and mouth for maximum protection from air pollutants and particles.

Typically, the three main problem areas are the nose, sides of the face, and under the chin. When we breathe, air will always take the most direct route to get to your lungs and if your face-wear does not fit properly air will go around it instead of through it.

Our VersaScarf® and Bandana collection is designed to fit correctly in these areas so that you are always safe. Having secure and correctly fitting PPE will allow you to get on with your daily tasks confident in the knowledge that you are protected. You will also avoid constantly touching your mask to readjust it, which can lead to further risk of contamination.

With our vast VersaScarf® and Bandana collection, you can be sure that you will find a functional and stylish face covering to keep you protected and looking great. Remember to secure your VersaScarf® or Bandana properly to ensure that it covers your nose and mouth so the filter can perform its job of keeping you safe and protected.