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Beautifully Safe With A Whole Lot Of Style

Our Filtered Scarves & Bandanas Fits Better Because They Work Better!

Every VersaScarf® & Bandana Come With A Replaceable Filter

Filter Scarves

Created with functionality and style in mind, all the pieces in our VersaScarf® and Bandana collection benefit from the very latest technology.

Each layer helps remove 95% of all airborne particles, offering strong protection.

Mask features:

  • Outer Layers – non-woven, waterproof material to filter out large particles.
  • Middle layer – Filtration that blocks the very smallest 0.3 micron particles to reduce exposure to viruses, dust, pollen and smoke.

Our collection was designed to provide a comfortable fit to ensure the filter works optimally. Perfect for long flights.


Protection You Can Count On!

Using 3D design technology we designed the scarf to fit the contours of your face addressing the three problem areas: nose, side of face and chin ensuring the seal mimics a 3M mask without the uncomfortable ear straps

With our “Trustedfit™ Technology” you know our scarves fit better so that the filter works better. Made with two layers of breathable fabric, the VersaScarf® and bandanas are super comfortable. Featuring elastic for a snug fit, a padded nose clip for comfort, and no ear straps, our FiltAirScarf and Bandana collection provides the most comfortable, effective, and stylish PPE solution available anywhere.


It’s a Scarf and a Mask!

With a sewn-in mask, it’s a perfect accessory for travel – you don’t have it take it on and off. Simply wear it as a scarf and when needed pull up the mask. And, in airplanes, you’ll never feel too cold because it can be used as a blanket too!

Made for each member of your family: women men and kids.

Filter Scarves

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VersaScarf® With TrustedFit Design®

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Check out the latest news and updates from our team at VersaScarf® to learn more about our collection. Our VersaScarf® and Bandana collection offers safety and style in one great product. Find out more about our company, what we do, why we do it, and how our products can benefit your health and fit nicely into your wardrobe.

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