How To Stay Safe When Your Are In A Poor Air Quality Area

Living in an area with poor air quality can be detrimental to your health. Inhaling harmful toxins and chemicals can lead to all sorts of respiratory conditions developing over time. What’s more, from day-to-day, poor air quality can have a negative impact on your energy levels, your mood, and your overall health. Here at FiltAirScarf, our lightweight, breathable, scarf and bandana collection is equipped with a replaceable N95 filter system to keep you protected from harmful contaminants in the air.

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How To Stay Safe In Areas Of Poor Air Quality

Air quality can be impacted by any number of factors. Whether there is an increase in traffic in your neighborhood, you live in an area with a lot of industry, your home is in a highly populated zone, or there is a natural disaster such as a forest fire, you need to take precautions to protect your health.

At FiltAirScarf, our entire collection is equipped with an advanced N95 filter system to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and free of harmful particles.

How Air Quality Is Measured

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses the Air Quality Index (AQI) to determine air quality in different areas of the country. The AQI has a range of 0-500. Higher numbers mean more hazardous air quality. On the other hand, the lower the number is, the better the air quality.

The AQI scale is divided into six distinct categories, with each category corresponding to a different level of health concerns. Each category is also color-coded to make it easier for local residents and visitors to a particular destination to easily know when the air quality is becoming unhealthy.

Paying attention to these reports will allow you to be proactive in protecting your health. If the levels are below 100, the air is typically thought to be satisfactory. However, when the numbers begin to rise above 100 the air quality is deemed unhealthy and you should take effective measures to protect yourself.

How To Protect Yourself Against Poor Air Quality

Simple face-coverings and surgical masks can help to a small degree; however, they will not provide adequate protection from harmful pollutants in the air. You need a mask specifically designed with a secure, snug, and comfortable fit. If your face covering is not correctly fitted, harmful particles will find their way into your lungs, potentially causing health concerns for you going forward.

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Take Action to Stay Safe And Protected

To ensure that you are always safe in areas of poor air quality, it’s crucial that you take measures to protect yourself properly. Get in touch with our team at FiltAirScarf today to find out how our products can help you to stay protected when the air quality is less than satisfactory. With our N95 filter-fitted FiltAirScarf and Bandana collection, you can be sure that are safe from harmful air particles and that you look great doing it.